Spirit Airlines Seating

Spirit Airlines is a good option for travelers who are looking for a budget-friendly flight. Spirit offers a variety of add-on services that can enhance your travel experience, but it is important to keep in mind that Spirit charges for many of these services.

Seats of Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is a budget airline that offers one class of service spirit plane seats: Main Cabin. However, the Main cabin also offers a few different add-on services that can enhance your travel experience.

Big Front Seat

Spirit big front seats are located in the first two rows of the aircraft and offer extra legroom and recline. They also come with priority boarding and early deplaning.

Big Front Seat+

Big Front Seat+ seats offer all of the benefits of Big Front Seats, plus complimentary drinks and snacks.

Spirit Plus

Spirit Plus is a subscription service that offers a number of benefits, including priority boarding, early deplaning, and discounted baggage fees.

Spirit Airlines also offers a variety of seating upgrades, including:

  • Preferred Seats: These seats are located in the front rows of the cabin and offer priority boarding.
  • Window Seats: These seats are located next to a window.
  • Aisle Seats: These seats are located next to the aisle

Other Add-On Services

Spirit also offers a number of other add-on services, such as checked baggage, seat assignments, and in-flight entertainment.

Tips for booking Spirit Baggage seats:

  • Check the Spirit website or app frequently for offers and discounts
  • Consider bundling your seats with other services. Spirit offers bundles that include seats, checked bags, and other add-ons.
  • Compare prices from different websites.