Frontier Airlines' name change policy is relatively straightforward and affordable. Passengers can change their name for any reason, and the policy does not require passengers to provide documentation to support their name change. This is convenient for passengers who need to change their name due to a recent marriage, divorce, or other life event.

How to change your name on a Frontier Airlines ticket:

The name change process is typically quick and easy, and passengers can expect to receive a confirmation of their name change within 24 hours.


- Go to the Frontier Airlines website and sign in to your account.
- Click on "Manage My Booking" and select the flight you want to change.
- Under "Passenger Information", click on "Change Name" and follow the instructions on the screen.


- Call Frontier Airlines customer service at (801) 401-9001
- Provide the customer service representative with your name, confirmation number, and the new name you want to use.

Tips for Changing Your Name on a Frontier Airlines Ticket:

- Change your name as soon as possible
- Provide all of the required information
- Be prepared to pay the name change fee