Aegean Airlines Seating Options

Aegean Airlines understands the importance of comfortable seating for an enjoyable and relaxing flight experience. They offer various seating options to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of their passengers. Whether you are looking for extra legroom, prefer a window seat, or require specific assistance, Aegean Airlines strives to provide a comfortable seating arrangement for every traveller.

Aegean Airlines Economy Class Seating

Aegean Airlines' Economy Class, passengers have a range of seating options available to them. The seats are designed with ergonomic comfort in mind, ensuring a pleasant journey. While specific seat configurations may vary depending on the aircraft model, passengers can typically expect a standard Economy Class layout with seats arranged in a 3-3 or 3-4-3 configuration. These seats provide adequate legroom and feature adjustable headrests for added comfort during the flight.

Aegean Airlines Business Class Seating

passengers seeking an upgraded travel experience, Aegean Airlines offers Business Class seating. Business Class passengers enjoy enhanced comfort and amenities, including spacious seating arrangements designed for relaxation and productivity. The seats are often configured in a 2-2 layout, providing more personal space and privacy. Depending on the aircraft, some Business Class seats may also recline into fully flat beds, ensuring a restful journey on long-haul flights.

Seat Selection and Additional Services

Aegean Airlines provides passengers with the option to choose their seats in advance. Seat selection is available during the booking process or can be done later through the airline's website or customer service. Passengers can choose seats that suit their preferences, such as aisle seats for easy access, window seats for a view, or seats with extra legroom for added comfort. It's important to note that seat selection may be subject to availability, and additional charges may apply for certain seats, such as those with extra legroom or in premium sections.

Additionally, Aegean Airlines offers special assistance and services for passengers with specific needs, such as those requiring wheelchair accessibility or traveling with infants. Passengers are encouraged to inform the airline in advance to ensure appropriate seating arrangements and assistance during the flight.
By providing various seating options and allowing passengers to choose their seats in advance, Aegean Airlines aims to create a comfortable and personalized flying experience for every traveller. Passengers can enjoy their journey knowing that their seating preferences and requirements are taken into consideration.