Falcon Air Check-in Flight

Falcon Air Check in Online & Offline check-in on Airport

Falcon Air Check-in Complete Process

Four Step for Check in Falcon Air Flight
1. Click on Website
2. Mobile Apps
3. Kiosk Machine Airport
4. Airport Counter

Falcon Air Official Website Falcon Air

Easy Process of Falcon Air Check on Website Passenger Call Check in Falcon Air Flight 60 Minutes to 24 Hours of Travel Check in on Website.
1. Go To Falcon Air
Fill Passenger Information
1. Last Name
2. Confirmation Number > Like (6 Character ACBD123)
3. Click on Check-in
4. Confirm Check-in

Falcon Air Mobile Apps

The Check in Process is Very Easy Thru Mobile Apps Android and IOS Here You can Manage Complete itinerary. Look Our Boarding Pass as Well As, Status of Flight on Apps on Falcon Air.
For Domestic Flight Before 45 Minutes Before Travel Time.
For International Flight Before 60 Minutes Before Travel Time.
1. Check Flight Status
2. Flight Book
3. Baggage Add Extra Bags
4. Choose Seat/Upgrade Seat
5. View Flight Status
6. Download Boarding Pass

Falcon Air Kiosk Machine Airport

Airport Kiosk Machine is Easy to use Touch Screen Its Available Maine Airport Check in Flight 45 Minutes to 3 Hours for International and Domestic Flight Check-in Process.
1. Flight Status
2. Printout Boarding pass Cost is (2USD per Pass)
3. Open Itinerary
4. Add Baggage/Extra Bags
5. Seat Selecting/ Upgrade Seat

Falcon Air Check-in Airport Ticket Counter

When Passenger Check in on Airport Tickets Counter Before 30 minutes to 3 Hours From Departure time (Note You Will Pay 10USD Charge For Print Boarding Pass Ticket Counter Service).
1. Flight Status
2. Check Baggage/Add Extra Bag
3. Select & Upgrade Seat.