Victoria International Airport

Victoria International Airport (YYJ) was originally built in 1936 as a military airfield for the Royal Canadian Air Force. During World War II, the airport was used as a training base for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

In 1959, the airport was converted into a civilian airport and was officially opened to the public in 1960. In its early years, the airport had a single runway and a small terminal building, and served mainly domestic flights to other parts of Canada.

Over the years, the airport underwent several expansions and upgrades to accommodate the growing number of passengers and airlines. In 1989, a new terminal building was constructed, which included additional check-in counters, baggage carousels, and passenger amenities.

In 2010, a major expansion project was undertaken to add a new passenger departure lounge, more retail and food options, and a larger baggage handling system. The expansion also included the addition of a second runway, which enabled the airport to accommodate larger aircraft and more international flights.

Victoria International Airport Phone Number

The phone number for Victoria International Airport's general information and administration is +1 250-953-7500. This number can be used for inquiries related to the airport's services, facilities, and general information. If you have a specific inquiry regarding your flight or baggage, it is recommended to contact your airline directly for assistance.

Victoria International Airport Departure

To view departures at Victoria International Airport (YYJ), you can visit the airport's official website or use a flight tracking service. On the airport's website, you can find a real-time flight status tool under the "Flight Information" section. Simply select "Departures" and enter the date and time range you are interested in. This tool will display a list of departing flights, including flight number, airline, destination, scheduled and estimated departure time, gate, and status.

Hotels near Victoria International Airport

These are just a few of the many hotels located near Victoria International Airport. It is recommended to check with the hotel for the most up-to-date information on rates and availability.