Edmonton International Airport

Welcome to Edmonton International Airport (EIA), your gateway to the vibrant city of Edmonton and the surrounding areas. As one of the busiest airports in Canada, EIA offers a range of services and facilities to ensure a seamless travel experience for both domestic and international passengers. From efficient check-in procedures to convenient transportation options, we will guide you through the essential aspects of Edmonton International Airport.


Edmonton International Airport located approximately 26 kilometres south of downtown Edmonton, serves as a crucial transportation hub for the region. With its modern infrastructure and commitment to passenger satisfaction, EIA has become a preferred choice for travelers visiting or departing from the Edmonton area.

Location and Overview of Edmonton International Airport

Edmonton International Airport occupies a vast area and boasts several well-designed terminals to accommodate the high volume of passengers it serves. The airport is conveniently accessible from major highways and offers a variety of parking options to suit travellers’ needs.

Terminal Facilities and Amenities

EIA strives to provide a pleasant and comfortable environment for its passengers. Within the airport, you'll find an array of shopping and dining options, ensuring that you can grab a quick bite or indulge in some retail therapy before your flight. From popular brands to local boutiques and restaurants, there is something for everyone.
Edmonton International Airport offers complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the terminals, allowing you to stay connected and catch up on work or entertainment during your time at the airport. Whether you need to send an email or browse the web, the reliable internet access ensures you can stay productive or simply relax while waiting for your flight.
If you happen to misplace an item during your journey, EIA provides a dedicated Lost and Found service. Should you lose something valuable or sentimental, the airport staff will assist you in locating and retrieving your belongings, minimizing any inconvenience caused.

Flight Information and Check-In Process

Edmonton International Airport offers real-time updates on arrivals and departures. Digital display boards located throughout the terminal provide accurate information about flight schedules, gate numbers, and any delays or cancellations. This ensures that you are always well-informed about the status of your flight.
Its Vert Easy Process Check-in EIA offers various options, including self-service kiosks and traditional check-in counters. These convenient facilities enable passengers to obtain their boarding passes quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the airport provides ample security checkpoints to ensure the safety and well-being of all travelers.

Parking and Transportation Options

Edmonton International Airport understands the importance of reliable parking and transportation services. The airport offers a range of parking options, including short-term, long-term, and economy parking lots, catering to the diverse needs of passengers. These parking facilities are secure and well-maintained, providing peace of mind while you are away.
If you prefer not to drive, EIA offers several ground transportation options. Taxis, ride-sharing services, and shuttle buses are readily available outside the terminal buildings, providing convenient and efficient transportation to your destination. Additionally, car rental services are also offered for those who wish to explore the region at their own pace.

Tips for a Smooth Airport Experience

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable airport experience, here are some helpful tips:
Preparing for Security Checks
Familiarize yourself with the security regulations to ensure a hassle-free screening process. Remember to pack your liquids in accordance with the guidelines and place them in a clear, resealable bag.
Navigating the Terminal
Take some time to review the airport layout and familiarize yourself with the facilities and amenities available. This will help you navigate the terminal more efficiently and locate the services you require.
Managing Time and Delays
Plan your arrival at the airport with ample time to spare. Factors such as traffic, parking availability, and check-in queues should be considered to avoid any unnecessary stress. It is advisable to arrive at least two hours prior to domestic flights and three hours prior to international flights.